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Friday, April 22, 2011

"La Rose de Versailles Exhibition" 『ベルサイユの薔薇』展 in Kyoto

The special exhibition "La Rose de Versailles" is receiving favorable notices right on the fringe of Downtown Kyoto. The place looks like a typical Japanese elementary school but actually, it was. The renovated and remodelled prewar building now boasts the collection of 300,000 manga-related items. Kyoto International Manga Museum itself is a cultural project. It also acts as library, event hall, and research center. The place is a must for art-type visitors, especially when it's just within a walking distance from our hostel. 

modern to historical, Japanese to overseas!!!

50,000 comics are open to read in the lounge space☆

ホステルから歩いても行ける京都国際マンガミュージアムでは、ご存知『ベルサイユの薔薇』の特別展が大好評です。元小学校の建物を改装してできた新感覚のミュージアムは、建築やアート好きの方には自信を持っておススメできる観光スポットです。古今東西いろんなマンガ関連のコレクションがなんと30万点! ミュージアム内では5万冊のコミックを座って自由に閲覧することもできます。

Special exhibition: "La Rose de Versailles Exhibition" 『ベルサイユの薔薇』展
March 19 - May 8, 2011 (closed on Wednesdays) 3/19(土)~5/8(日) 水曜定休日

You will be able to see how the characters struggle
to live through the French revolution in the original drawings.
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