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Sunday, April 24, 2011

宝泉院『春の夜灯り』 Hosen-in Lit Up

Day time: 9AM - 5PM "800yen for entrance+matcha(green tea)+original snack"
お昼の拝観時間: 午前9時~午後5時 800円(拝観料+抹茶+オリジナル和菓子)
Night time: 6PM - 9PM "800 yen for Spring Light-up"
夜の拝観料: 午後6時~午後9時 800円 『春の夜灯り』

Hosen-in is a popular Tendai Buddhism temple in Ohara area. The site is well-known for "Framed Garden" (see pictures). The view of the 300 year old Sharasoju (the symbolic tree of ephemerality) and the 700 year old Goyo Pine will be a pleasant delight to the eye, while the original snack with green tea is served at guest hall. 


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