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Friday, April 3, 2009

Travelling to kyoto - Night bus vs Shinkasen (bullet train )

As a budget traveller in this hard economic times ,what realy comes to mind is how to save money .Travelling on the shinkasen(bullet train) to kyoto is really convinient and fast as well but a little bit expensive compare to the night bus .
It usually cost around ¥12,700 to travel on the shikansen and betwen ¥4,000 - ¥8,000 on the night bus to travel from tokyo to kyoto .
The night bus might have some few disadvantages like , sleepless night but never the less its economical and you get to save some bucks for sovenirs or chilling with it .
if you need to book a night bus which i recommend because its cheap just contact our guys at the front desk in tokyo hostels or kyoto hostel or try this website
you can book online or call em or can we do it for ya . enjoy ya trip.. okiiini

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  1. The night bus sounds like an experience onto itself and I wish I did when I traveled to Tokyo. The bullet train is very cool, compared to the American Amtrak rail system.