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Friday, April 3, 2009

All about Sakura

Drinking, eating, chilling under cherry trees ....

Hanami (watching cherry trees) is not only watching cherry blossoms, it's more for enjoying that the spring has finally come to Japan!!

In this season, you can see sakura or pink products in everywhere in Japan, in supermarkets, metro, TV etc...

So, go to any parks close from your place! You can always join their drinking and pissed off!!

All Japanese love Sakura and its event as it is the best season to chill out in here. April is the time for starting new year (at schools, offices..)so that everyone is worried about their new life, people at a same work place or school gather and get drunk for their new relationship.
You can definitely make friends if you go to Hanami, soak in a Japanese culture!!

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