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Friday, June 15, 2012

Schedule of events JULY /2012

Gion Festival (The Month Long Kyoto Party)

July 1st ~ 5th: Kippuiri, opening ceremony of festival
July 2nd: Kujitorishiki,
July 7th: Shrine visit by chigo children of Ayagasaboko
July 13th p.m.: Shrine visit by chigo children of Kuse Shrine
July 14th: Yoiyoiyoiyama
July 15th: Yoiyoiyama
July 16th: Yoimiya shinshin hono shinji, dedicative art performances
July 17th: Parade of mikoshi from Yasaka Shrine to the city
July 24th: Parade of mikoshi from the city to Yasaka Shrine
July 28th: Mikoshi arai,
July 31th: Closing service at Eki Shrine

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