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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aoi Festival starting with horse racing! 葵祭のスタートは競馬!?




May in Kyoto is all about Aoi Festival!!

From the very begining of the month, 1st of May,
Kamigamo shrine is giving Kamikurabe-Ashizoroe-Ceremony,

in which they check the conditions of horses going in for the horse racing on May 5th. They decide the racing turns according to the age, sit, and speed. Heian noblemen whipping dashing horses on the turf should be a gallant look!!



5/3(火) 流鏑馬神事(下鴨神社) 葵祭の前儀として糺の森で行われる流鏑馬は有名
5/4(水) 古武道奉納(下鴨神社) 薙刀、剣術、柔術等の日本古来より伝わる武道を奉納
5/5(木) くらべ馬会神事(上賀茂神社)  平安時代当時の競馬が披露されます
5/5(木) 武射神事(下鴨神社) 流鏑馬に代わって地上から安全祈願の弓矢が放たれます
5/12(木) 御陰祭(下鴨神社) 王朝行列が祭神を迎えに行きます。東遊に神馬の神事。
5/15(日) 葵祭(京都御所→下鴨神社→上賀茂神社) 京都の三大祭り・葵祭の本祭です!

↓↓↓Related Events↓↓↓
★May 3rd Yabusame Shinji @ Shimogamo Shrine
(Traditional Japanese mounted archery in the mysterious forest of Kedashi)
★May 4th Kobudo Hono @ Shimogamo Shrine
(Performance of traditional Japanese martial arts ex. Naginata, Kendo, Jujutsu, etc.)
★May 5th Kamokurabe Uma @ Kamikamo Shrine
(Traditional Japanese horse racing)
★May 5th Busha Shinji @ Shimogamo Shrine
(Heian stlyle ground archery)
★May 12th Mikage Matsuri @ Shimogamo Shrine
(Heian style march and shrine rituals)
★May 15th Aoi Matsuri from Shimogamo Shrine to KamikamoShrine
(Main march in Heian costumes, one of 3 biggest Festival in Kyoto!!!)

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