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Friday, February 25, 2011

Hinamatsuri in Kyoto!

Experience the historical custom in the old capital!

Hinamatsuri is a common girl's day celebration in Japan.
Literally translated as Doll Festival,  its origin dates back to Heian Period.
People used to float paper dolls down rivers (Nagashi-bina) on March 3rd,
believing the dolls would carry away their bad luck.

This practice was later incorporated into a court function
in which wealthy families displayed Hina dolls.
Today, we display dolls of the emperor and empress and their attendants,
praying for the future growth and well-being of their daughters.

1st March 11AM~ 
☆Girl's day festival @ Hokyo-ji Temple☆
Enjoy the temple's awesome doll collection and a special dance performance by Tayu (special ranked geisha in Shimabara district). 600 yen for doll exhibition ;)

3rd March 10AM~Noon
★Nagashibina event @ Shimogamo-Shrine★
Pray for the safety of children with women in Heian costumes setting straw Hina dolls afloat on the river in the world heritage. So sweet, eh? Free of charge :)

3rd March 1PM~4PM
☆Hina-Matsuri Festival @ Ichihime Shrine☆
Don't miss the miko dance and the demonstration of court-costume-changing to celebrate the girl's day. Ichihime Shrine is just a walking distance from bAkpAk Kyoto Hostel ;) 1,000 yen for the performances.

Stay with us and pray for girls ;)   bAkpAk Kyoto/Gion Hostel

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