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Monday, February 28, 2011

Cherry Blossom Forecast 2011

The cherry blossoms are expected to follow the average year's schedule relatively closely this year. In Tokyo they are forecast to open on March 26 and in Kyoto on the following day.
Below are the forecast dates of cherry trees opening their blossoms this year (according to the Japan Weather Association) and the estimated best viewing periods (estimated by Rain, wind and temperatures can have a strong effect on the process of the season, for example, they can delay or shorten it considerably. Therefore, use the forecasts on your own risk. Source:JapanGuide 
LocationOpeningEstimated Best Viewing  
TokyoMarch 26April 1 to 11
KyotoMarch 27April 1 to 11
KagoshimaMarch 22March 29 to April 6
KumamotoMarch 22March 30 to April 7
FukuokaMarch 23March 30 to April 7
HiroshimaMarch 24March 30 to April 7
NaraMarch 29April 2 to 10
OsakaMarch 26April 1 to 9
NagoyaMarch 26April 2 to 10
YokohamaMarch 27April 3 to 11
KanazawaApril 4April 8 to 16
NaganoApril 12April 16 to 24
SendaiApril 11April 16 to 24
AomoriApril 24April 28 to May 5
HakodateApril 30May 3 to 10
SapporoMay 4May 6 to 13


  1. can't wait to see this years cherry blossoms. thanks for the forecast.

  2. I’ve just implemented this on my blog and it worked perfectly. I appreciate you sharing this advice. Thanks