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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Setsubun Festival @ Yoshida shrine in kyoto

It's freezing recently... but  
Spring is coming soon!:)

3rd of February is Setsubun, called the beginning of spring and New Year's eve according to the lunar calendar.  There are some festival around the days.  It is a Japanese custom at Setsubun to scatter roasted soybeans while saying “Fukuwauchi, Oniwasoto” which means “Hapiness come in! Demons go out!” And then we eat the roasted soybeans, the same number as our age so we will not suffer from any illness during the year:)
There are several festivals around the days. 
 Let's go to see traditional festivals!

Yoshida shrine (10min from Demachiyanagi station) 2nd/Feb-4th/Feb
You should see Karo Festival on 3rd. Karo means “the place where you can make a fire.” The bonfire consists of piled timber, 5 meters in height


Yasaka shrine (5min from Gion Shijyo station) 2nd/Feb-3rd/Feb
You can see dancing MAIKO:) and the ceremony of throwing beans! 

Have a good fun:)

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