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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tokyo 101- 5 Places to visit in tokyo

Tokyo  is one of the  biggest  metropolis  in the  world  with  tons of places to see and  navigate around the capital of japan . In our blog today we will select 5  must see places in tokyo which will offer a great  view of some of the magnificent landmarks in tokyo .
Our list of the 5 must  see places are as follows

1:  Asakusa  Tourist mecca in tokyo  home of the sensoji temple ,Kaminarimon Gate and the nakamise  shopping street great for  souvenirs 

2:  Ryogoku Sumo arena  and city in tokyo .Sumo is a Japanese wrestling and Japan's national sport. It originated in ancient times as religious performances to the Shinto gods. Its held 3- 6 times annually.

3: Ueno  This is one of the old setlements with old fashioned open market in tokyo called  ameyoko and  has  the ueno zoo 

4 :  Akihabara - The  electricy city - Its  a city full of electronics and   computer stuff .

5 : Shibuya & Harajuku    dominated with teenage Japanese and  fashion hub in tokyo

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