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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Recommended place to go in tokyo this sunday

This sunday april 11th 2010  we recommend  the Earth day  Market  at yoyogo  park .
You also get the  chance to hang yoyogi park and get to see the sakura as well.
Available at the bazaar are tons and loads of souenirs, antiques and a whole lot .
You can also enjoy the food from the  stalls and vendors   .I recommend you get some fruit shake .

There will be also traditional dance at the meiji  jungu shrine  ..  dont miss it .

Take advanatage of the nice sunny day and  walk to harajuku hang around the shoppers  and the locals  as well - Harajuku is a shopping and entertainment district for japanese teenagers. Fashionable, cute and crazy dressing and make-ups. You need to be in Harajuku on Sunday to see it your self.

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