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Friday, November 6, 2009

Yoyogi Park

Hey, seems you Kyoto crew had really fun on the halloween day!!
It's always great to have great guests, isn't it?
Thank you for our guests :)

We had a great time in Tokyo Hostel too, I must upload some pictures from the night.
Please wait for a little bit more, sorry!

Yoyogi Park

There are always something going on at the park.

Yoyogi Park
is one of the biggest parks in Tokyo,
when you miss green while you are in this hectic city, you should go there and just chill out to be ready for another night out!!!

The park is divided into 2 areas by a road,
on the one side, there are
greens and people who play, run, have a lunch and chill out,
and there is a plaza on the other area where flea markets, special events go on every weekend.

The street to the park follows from Harajuku station has lots of people who do Cosplay, play music and dance like 60's style on weekends, so it's also fun too!

this week's event: Antaru Festival ( world ethinic festival)

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