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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flea market @ Toji-temple on 21st of each month

There are several temples and shrines in Kyoto offering big flea markets every month.
One of the biggest and most popular ones is the one held at the Toji-temple between 8am and 3pm on 21st of each month, except for days with particularly bad weather.
The Toji-temple ,with its five-story pagoda and big golden statue of Buddha, is a World Heritage Site.

It doesn't offer only second-hand goods, but also a variety of antiques, art, and traditional Japanese food stands.

Sometimes you will come across one of the temple's buildings or Japanese garden.
It is a good idea to be there as early as possible , both since the best goods get sold first but also because it is a nice opportunity to take the time to experience the wonderful temple.
Since the things sold there are lot of different kinds, there should be something for any one's taste.

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