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Saturday, April 11, 2009

whats going on in kyoto

Its warm and crazy in kyoto , with all the geisha and the maiko and the geisha and maiko wana be running about alongside the tourists as well .
The sakura is also blooming with many cherry bloosoom trees all over the place with many people taking snapshots and hanging around on parks and along the kamogawa river banks .
Its a good time for picnics and chilling with freinds and making new ones .
If you dying to take pictures of geisha or maiko this is the best times because they are all over the place especially around the gion areas and around the bakpak gion and kyoto hostels .
They are always trooping around the hostels with their make ups and coloured nice clothings .
Just keep your fingers cross and hang around and you will be lucky to take a picture with a geisha .
You can aslo see the geisha performing at the gion corner its also nice and well recomemded .
For more information visit their website and do not hesitate to ask the staff at the bakpak kyoto hostels .

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