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Friday, March 27, 2009

cherry blosooms(sakura viewing in japan

Have you thought of visiting japan ? No , Yes. If yes then this i s the best time to do it .
Forget about global economic crisis , credit cruch, portfolio meltdown and blah blah ,blah .
flight prices are cheap due to lack of customers flying now , hostels prices are still cheap as they use to be always , stuff are getting more cheaper in japan plus you get to take advantage of the sakura viewing as well . check this link for specific date and times to see some of the sakura viewing .
sakura viewing its really big in japan .In tokyo ueno park ,yoyogi park are some of the best places to view them .In kyoto maruyama park ,the golden pavillion and the imperial palace as well .
Trust me you gonna luv it and you are not going to regret of doing it .
if you are tokyo and needs help just tlak to our freindly staff at the bakpak tokyo hostels and they will help you out or go to the tokyo tourist information centre in ueno is small but informative.
if you also happen to be in kyoto then no worries yugo and his team at the kyoto hostel or gion hostel will help you out .

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